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Here is a list of the different tools we use while trading - from Charting Software to Fundamental Data to the Books we've read.  Clicking on the black button beside the image will take you to a free trial or an opportunity to buy the item on Amazon.  In each instance we will receive a small payment should you subscribe or buy any of the items - that'll help to keep the ship afloat.

We use, have used &/or would recommend everything listed below.



Tactical trading maestro?  

Just getting into trading with PrivateerFX's Youtube channel?

Here is a trading methodology tutorial for conserving assets for when you feel peace of mind outweighs massive leveraged alpha.

This is our preferred approach to BTC/ Bitcoin & some equity indexes like EWZ.


Trading view

Trading View is our preferred charting tool - seen on all of our videos.


STOCKOPEDIA - where we get fundamentals data on stocks.
Conventional thinking is that beating the market is impossible. But this is a myth.  Two decades of academic & practitioner research have decoded stock market returns.  The open secret is that stock returns are explained by risk factors - such as quality, value and momentum - and portfolios of stocks exposed to these factors can beat the averages.  Accessing this outperformance is challenging at the institutional scale, but at the human scale it is more easily achievable. It takes a smaller portfolio, discipline and great data.



As one of our traders says - “I could run a hedge fund off IG” & he should know as he’s run one.

No link yet, we are talking to IG about it.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

by Edwin Lefevre

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A comprehensive guide to trading Methods and applications

By John J. Murphy


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