Image by Brigitte Werner from pixabay (

Image by Brigitte Werner from pixabay (



A global macro trading shop that focuses on creating alpha with tactical trading in the financial markets. 

Two traders with a combined 50 years of Hedge Fund & FX markets experience record their opening calls for the financial markets as their own trading strategy aid. 

Daily Opening Calls are currently available on Twitter (@PrivateerFX) & YouTube (

Private Investors & Traders - modern day Privateers - can now get access to the same type of knowledge that used only to be for the biggest trading houses.

PrivateerFX is a marketing endeavour where a marketing man takes these calls and publicises them. Any revenues from donations, advertising, affiliates etc. go to said marketing man to pay for running the thing & to fund his ridiculously extravagant Privateer-like lifestyle.

Privateer [prahy-vuh-teer] ; a privately owned armed ship permitted by it's government to make war on an enemy country.

Not Pirates, honest.

For us Privateer means we are Pirate-like but have a legitimate license to hunt for treasure and that we work as independents managing our own shop (although we frequently take allocations …).


This website, the associated Twitter feed & YouTube channel express opinions only which should not be considered as financial advice.  The purpose of this service is to provide education for people who want to know more about trading financial markets, in particular those that would like to know what a professional opening call would look like.  We do not offer trading advice nor are we attempting to sell you individual securities.  You are responsible for your own trades and the service providers you choose to use.  Furthermore we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data we use.

Risk Warning:

If you are interested in our site and YouTube channel it is likely that you will at some stage trade FX &/ other financial markets through a broker who will offer you margin.  Note that trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.  Seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you are unsure as to your suitability.


All images are from Unsplash, Pixabay or Shutterstock (paid for). We will give individual photo credits once we figure out how. We would in particular like to thank Brigitte Werner from for the image we use as a logo.